Friday, October 9, 2015

Writer's Digest Round-up

As I've said before on this blog, I love getting Writer's Digest. For me, it feels validating to get mail that says "Writer" on it. I particularly enjoyed the Nov/Dec 2015 issue, so I thought I'd share some highlights.

-A new (to me) agent
I'd never heard of Jud Laghi before, which surprised me because he's Ken Jennings' agent and I love Ken.

-I always read the Breaking In feature, which is a short interview with 3 debut authors about their publication journey. It's good to have a reminder that everyone has a different road to travel in the attempt to get published. This issue featured Kim Liggett (BLOOD AND SALT), Jackson MacKenzie (PSYCHOPATH FREE) and Adam Rakunas (WINDSWEPT).

-The main feature of this issue is called "It's Never Too Late" which is a reminder I need all the time. I often feel like time is slipping away from me, or that I got started writing too late, or my chance has passed. That's just doubt creeping in and whispering its sweet nothings in my ears. I found this section to be very inspiring.

-Interview with David Baldacci. Wow. Just wow.

-And my favorite section, Barbara Poelle's Funny You Should Ask column. I get such a kick out of it every time. :0)

And now my sick kids need me, so I'll leave it to you in the comments: Did you have a favorite article from this issue?

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