Oliver's Nest

Oliver's Nest is a Book Worm Reading and Reviewing Challenge at Operation Awesome

Welcome to Oliver's Nest! Our owl mascot is HUNGRY. Will you be the bookworm to feed him?

A prize will be awarded on the following dates:
SPRING March 20, 2017
SUMMER June 21, 2017
FALL September 22, 2017
WINTER December 21, 2017
*A minimum of 30 worm points* must be earned for the giveaway to begin. (*All participants worm points added together, per quarter.)

How do you enter the challenge?

3 worm points= (mandatory to enter) Read and Review a book. Post a link to your public review (Amazon or Goodreads are preferred) in the comment section below.
Be sure to include your name, the title of the book, the author's name, and the date of your review in your comment.
*Review must be created in 2017.

  • your name or handle (As it appears on the review. Also your Facebook / Twitter handle if you are aiming for extra points.)
  • title of the book
  • author's name
  • date of your review

Learn more about protecting your Amazon review from deletion.

3 worm points= Add this button to your blog's sidebar/ widget area. Use the textbox code for best results. Leave a link to your blog in the comments below.
Oliver's Nest Bookworm Reading Challenge by @OpAwesome6

2 worm points= If the book or author you've read or reviewed was previously mentioned on the OA blog. (For example, one from the Debut Authors Spotlight.) Include in your comment which OA post mentioned that book or author.

2 worm points= Recommend the book you read to a friend. Use the following Facebook Post to tag a friend and tell that person why they would enjoy the book you read. (You may recommend the same book to more than one person. Create a seperate reply comment and reason for each friend.)

1 worm point= Follow us on Twitter - @OpAwesome6
1 worm point= Retweet and Favorite/Heart the following Tweet:

1 worm point= Share this blog post! Use a share button below. Copy the link of your share into a comment below. (*Hint: Clicking the time stamp on a Facebook or Twitter post will bring up the direct link!)

1 worm point= Share the Oliver's Nest image! Be sure the image links back to here. Then copy the link of your share into a comment below.

Every point you earn gains you another entry.

What are the prizes?

An OA guest spot, a query critique, or an owl magnetic bookmark set from Amazon.


Every time Oliver gets fed 200 worm points there will be a giveaway of a querying package: critique of query, twitter pitch, synopsis, and first chapter! (If you do not wish to be entered for this prize, please indicate as such in your comment entry.)

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