Thursday, July 14, 2011

Picture Book Party!

Well, taking a trip over to the younger side of things, I am very thrilled to announce that my picture book, A Magical World, has finally gone live on several sites. You can now purchase the e-version for the Nook at Barnes and Noble, for all Apple products at iBooks, the epub version for just about any ereader on Smashwords, and it will be available in the next week or so on Amazon, Borders, Sony, Diesel, and Scrollmotion. The print version is available at Lulu, and should be up everywhere else by the end of the summer.

 Alex and his sister Izzy are stuck inside during one stormy, rainy week. But, they still manage to have the most spectacular adventures. They sail the seven seas on a pirate ship, swing on jungle vines, swim through the ocean, roam with the dinosaurs, and visit many other fantastic places! Just how, they never tell a soul. They simply smile and wink and zip their lips, and then disappear into their room. Into a wonderful, magical world.

To celebrate, I'm giving away a free coupon for a copy of the ebook along with an adorable little tote bag :D

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment telling me where you would go, and who, or what, would you be, if you could close your eyes and get whisked away into a magical world of your own :)

For those who don't have ereaders, no worries! The coupon will get you a digital copy that can be read on any ereader or computer, so if you can leave a comment, you can get the book :D

Oh! And for those of you anxiously awaiting the results of our July Mystery Agent contest, we just want to assure you that they will be posted TOMORROW! And we will be hosting another awesome agent on August 1st, so stay tuned for details!!


  1. Isn't it great to see something you've worked so hard on realized in print? Congratulations!

  2. Congrats! I started out by writing picture books. They are my first loves. I'm glad you are able to see yours in print and ebook! :)

  3. I would go to the Land of The Mongadubaks. When the children of Mongadubak Land fall ill, Father Mongadubak, the bravest of all Mongadubaks, must leave Mongadubak Land and go in search of magic berries.

    When he is cornered by Big Red, a ferocious wild hog that guards the magic berry tree, it appears Father Mongadubak cannot survive. But he has no choice. The berries are the only thing that will save the children.

    A little bird recovering from a broken wing does the unexpected and instead of flying south for the winter, before the big storm comes, stays and helps Father Mongadubak get the berries.

    Father Mongadubak places the exhausted bird next to his heart to keep him warm. When a blizzard hits, Father Mongadubak can't tell what direction he is traveling and gets lost, but the children of Mongadubak Land begin to sign.

    "Father Mongadubak, where are you. Father Mongadubak, we love you."

    He hears them signing and finds his way home. After eating magic berries, all the children and the bird recover. The children name the bird Hope.

    I would be Father Mongadubak.

  4. Thanks everyone and Jack, I love it! :D Thanks so much for playing along :D

  5. I'm assuming I'm not eligible by virtue of being your CP and already having two print copies of this awesome book, but I'll play just for fun. :)

    If I could be whisked away to A Magical World, I'd go to Egypt and be the clever Sphinx.

  6. It's all about Hogwarts for me. I would love to be an eleven-year old boy again receiving my Hogwarts letter to study magic at the famous school.


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