Queries are the first step in the journey to seeing your book published. As a professional letter to an agent or publisher, it is intended to interest them in your work. The end game of a query letter? To entice the agent/publisher to request MORE of your work. So stressful? Queries? Oh, yeah. But never fear, as Operation Awesome is here!

On #QueryFriday, one lucky commenter will be chosen for a query critique. Fresh, outside eyes are often helpful in pinpointing problematic areas within a query. Your critique will be respectful of your feelings, while trying to add just a bit more shine/clarification/strength to your query. And if your query is already pretty dang good-- we'll tell you!


1.) You must comment on the #QueryFriday post in order to enter, as well as comment on one other Operation Awesome blog post from that week. This will be checked, and failure to comment on another blog post will result in your entry being invalidated.

2.) In case of being the winner, please make it easy to contact you. If you are not comfortable with leaving your email in your comment, then please make sure that your blogging profile has your contact information listed.

3.) Entry comments will be accepted until Sunday, 12 Noon, EST. The winner will be selected by a random number generator, and announced Sunday evening in the comments section.

4.) Your critiqued query will be returned to you via email, in an attached document, with notes in the margins, within 7 days.

5.) If you have won a query critique, you will not be eligible to win another until 3 months have passed. Query critiques will not be done multiple times on the same query. If you enter again, it must be with a query on a new story.


  1. Fingers crossed! I can be contacted at elizabeth.donnelly831@gmail.com

  2. Thank you for the opportunity. Email at dkeymel5@yahoo.com

  3. Another great opportunity. Thanks. Email at dkeymel5@yahoo.com

  4. Love this competition. Thanks for the chance at a critique!:)

  5. Just found out about this blog and LOVE it! Super helpful in every way. Thanks so much. remarzullo11 at gmail

  6. Is this contest still going on? I would love to enter if so.

  7. Thanks for the reminder post! sberkkoch at gmail.com

  8. Just discovered this - thank you!

  9. Wow... this looks amazing. I'd love the chance at a critique. Email: jen.redmile@gmail.com


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