Thursday, February 22, 2018

OA's New Feature: 'Dear OAbby' Advice Column

Operation Awesome wants to answer your questions about writing, finding an agent, the publication process, and more! Consider this new feature an advice column, with your questions and our answers (when we don't know the answers, we'll collaborate with other writers and publishing professionals to get those answers!).

Send an email to with 'Dear OAbby' Question in the subject line. Feel free to go as much into detail about your situation as you want; we may edit for space and clarity. Nothing is off-limits here - ask specifics, generalities, what-ifs, or theoreticals. We will keep the author's name, and any other identifying information, confidential.

Looking forward to answering your questions!


Marty Weiss said...

Given the different skills, connections, and resources needed, can the average writer doing self-publishing really make money?

Nathaniel Glanzman said...

Hi, there! You've posted on the general information page. If you are looking to submit a question, please email us at :)