Tuesday, February 27, 2018

March Pass Or Pages Details

We are always thrilled when the stars align and we're able to bring you another Pass Or Pages contest. Getting agents' insights into what works and what doesn't in a submission is so valuable to writers. We learn something every round we feature, and we hope you do, too!

In March, we'll feature entries from Young Adult Science-fiction and Fantasy novels. Don't send us MG entries; we can tell the difference. Yes, historical fantasy is okay. As long as there is a speculative element and it's for Young Adults, we'll take it. Any other questions? Ask in the comments or on Twitter @OpAwesome6.

Here are the important dates for this round:
March 6th: Agent panel announcement
March 12th-14th: Entry window (via a form here on our blog)
March 26th-30th: Feedback reveals!

For a recap of the rules and links to previous rounds, click here.


RocheleSmit said...

Oh this is exciting! I recently started following the blog, and it just so happens that I'm about to start querying my YA Fantasy!

Patchi said...

I was missing this so much. Can't wait to see the agents you have lined up!

Betsy said...

Hooray! This is my genre.

Betsy said...

bkerekes at gmail.

Loie D said...

Very cool :) Thank you!