Thursday, December 22, 2011

What to get a writer...

Wondering what to get that writer on your Christmas list? Here are a few links that might help you out :)

A Writer's Christmas (my own wish list)
Stina Lindenblatt's 12 Days of Christmas for Writers
Dorothy Love's All I Want for Christmas: A Writer's Wish List
Creepy Query Girl's 12 Days of a Writer's Christmas
The Happy Freelancer's A Writer's Christmas List(what to get a writer and what NOT to get a writer)
FrootBat31's A Writer's Wish List

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!!!


  1. Nice! Forwarded this post to my husband. :)

  2. hehe I have Aqua Notes in my's taking a lot of will power not to rip those babies open and install them NOW. :D

  3. One lovely thing that I received this Christmas was a writing journal. It has very colorful pages with lovely lines to write on.


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