Saturday, May 4, 2019

New Member Wanted! #writingcommunity #authors

Our dear team member, Karis, is moving on in June to pursue other opportunities. We'll miss her dearly, but wish her all the best.

This means we have a hole to fill!

Operation Awesome supports everyone in the writing and publishing journey, no matter what stage they're at. If you're ready and willing to help others, now is the time. Give back to the writing community. Join us!

Please fill out the form here:

Please spread the word.

Operation Awesome May 2019 ~ New Member Wanted! #writingcommunity #authors


  1. I was going to check it out but for some reason the form doesn't work?

    1. Sorry. Fixed. The form closed itself. Not really sure how. Anyway, it's fixed. Thanks for the heads up!


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