Monday, June 17, 2019

Introducing Dena, the newest OA blogger!

So, starting from the beginning, my mother reports that the day I was born, it was over 110 degrees and she had no air-conditioning.

Not that far back?  Okay.

In early May, I saw a tweet in my feed that said Operation Awesome was looking for a new team member.  I'd been following the blog for a while, altho I'm just as guilty as most writers out here in internet-land that I read but never comment [yes, I'm giving all of you the side-eye].  After about a week of contemplating, I decided I'd like to be more involved with the online writing community, so I completed the application.

Weeks passed.  Crickets chirped.  June arrived.  I figured I hadn't been selected, and promptly forgot about it.  Kinda like life in the query trenches, no?

Then what should show up in my email box but an invitation to join the team.  I thought - Wow, this is the strangest job-application success I'd ever not interviewed for.

I'll never know whether I was the only fool applicant, or whether the OA team members each had to take a few days off work to go thru the towering electronic stack.  The bottom line is – here I am.  Ta-da!

I know you are all super excited to welcome me to your internet wanderings. You're still reading this, aren't you????  Your first order of “welcome Dena” business is to go back to the story we posted yesterday here at Operation Awesome [my first contribution to this blog, maybe I'll use it as a publication credit in my query], and leave a comment.  It can be witty, insightful, an honest review, or an inquiry as to the welfare of our lovable mascot, Oliver Awesome.  [He's doing awesome, thanks for asking.]

You [yes I'm looking at YOU] need to leave your mark on this blog.  Go forth and comment!  It makes the blog much more fun to read.  I promise we won't bite you.

And that's my job here.  I'll be posting on Mondays – everyone's favorite day of the week – with fun writing-related questions and asking begging pleading threatening encouraging you to comment.  Hopefully the questions will be sufficiently interesting and/or fun that you'll feel COMPELLED to comment.  Give us your two cents.  Or three cents.  Or even zero point zero zero zero one cents.  We want all your cents!  Make Mondays Great Again!  Er, maybe I won't use that last tag-line.......

Okay enough of the fun stuff.  Moving on to a little about me.  Are you still awake?  I write MG [and a stray non-MG that insisted I write it].  I have two completed manuscripts and I hope to query one of them in 2020.  In my non-writing time, I'm a trial attorney in Southern California.  I also blog and tweet about interesting and/or humorous legal and military topics.  If that sounds remotely entertaining to you, I'd love to follow you back.

Now, make me proud of all of you and help me accomplish my purpose on this blog.  Go forth and comment!


  1. Congrats on being a new blog member! I remember joining Casey McCormick at Literary Rambles before she left the blog and I took it over. It was a thrill because I secretly wanted to be her blog partner but was too afraid to ask. Looking forward to your posts.

  2. Thanks for the welcome! I hope you'll continue to comment on posts here at Operation Awesome. We're counting on you =)


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