Monday, August 12, 2019

Library summer reading program

Ahhhh.  Back-to-school season.  Remember that Staples commercial playing "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year"?  Moms and dads are smiling and dancing.  The kids are frowny.  LOVE IT!
In SoCal where I live, the first day of the school year in some districts is this week!
When I was in school, waaaaaaaaaaay back in the last century [literally], it always started the Tuesday or Wednesday after Labor Day.  Here's a really informative CNN article about why the school year now usually starts before Labor Day.

My local library hosts a Summer Reading Program which runs mid-June to mid-August.
Anyone can sign up, even adults.  Prizes include free books, games, puzzles, and other fun stuff.  Here's a puzzle one of my kids won last year:
Yes, he did finish it
The first year I participated, I won the grand prize!  An iPad Mini.  I still use it today to read e-books.

Do you, or your kids, participate in a summer reading program?  Tell us in the comments!


  1. My kids love the summer reading program. My hubs and I participate too. Once we won a Target gift card in a raffle, and my daughter got a Hydro Flask, in addition to the standard gift bag of coupons when you turn in your first sheet. Winning a puzzle sounds really cool!

  2. I work for a before and after school care program and we gave out books the first day to the children I love promoting reading and good will. Becky Fettig

  3. I wish they had this when I was in school. I set a goal for myself in middle school to read every Goosebumps book. I couldn't complete it because the school didn't have the entire series. XD I don't regret trying. It's still a series close to my heart. :)

  4. Thank you all for commenting! I love our library summer reading program and glad you enjoy yours too.


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