Friday, September 9, 2022

Query Friday: Query Breakdown- The (DREADED) Synopsis

 Happy Friday Folks!


This month I'm going to dive into the synopsis, or as I like to refer to it THE WORST.


Now the worst part about THE WORST is that it isn't technically even part of the query, but for some agents or agencies it can be part of the query package.

Now before you go ahead and weed those agents out of your query pool remember that once you actually land an agent and go on sub your probably going to need a synopsis for the publisher, so you might as well have it or some version ready.

Why do I say some version? Well, everyone has a different definition of what a synopsis is and everybody wants something a little different.

Looking at 10 agents randomly, 3 request a synopsis- but you can see they are requesting 3 different things.


I can't even find a consensus on if a synopsis should be single or double spaced. Just know that the longer the synopsis the more detail you will be expected to provide as you explain the plot from beginning to end.

And yes, that means you give away your ending.

You also want to make sure your settings, plot, and characters are well conveyed. As well as voice...

I know, I know...That's why it's THE WORST..

But there are lots of resources out there to help and some excellent tips and examples can be found at  (one of my favorites)

And next time  I'll share with you a my favorite tricks and tools!

Happy querying!

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