Brandy Baughman

Brandy Baughman is a writer of Adult and YA Fantasy. She enjoys being outside as much as possible, traveling, and reading. A proud super fan, Brandy enjoys getting lost in her current obsession and can usually be found down that rabbit hole.

On the writing side, she loves experimenting with process, technique and style. No novice to the query trenches, she plans on starting the process again soon and is always open to conversations about tips, tricks, and general cheerleading.

Brandy is the daughter of a Haitian mother and a midwestern father, and thus loves learning about the nuances and intricacies of different cultures. Many of her works explore self-identity and finding a sense of belonging, and she is passionate about representation in her work and others.

At Operation Awesome, Brandy hopes to contribute to the supportive writing community, commiserate through the Query process, and celebrate successes small and large.

You can find her on twitter at

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