Dena Pawling

Dena Pawling is a trial attorney in Southern California.  No, you won't find that name listed with the California State Bar.  It's a pseudonym which is significantly easier to spell and pronounce than the name registered with that organization.

At the beginning of the 21st century, scientists discovered that, despite all evidence to the contrary, the space between Dena's ears wasn't actually empty.  It was in fact overcrowded with all the stories which had taken up residence there, some of which had begun spilling out.  To maintain what little was left of her sanity, Dena dumped the contents of her head into an electronic file cabinet.  Some of the stories refused to remain hidden in electrons, and the first of those she's hoping to query in 2020.

Dena usually reads while driving audio books during her lengthy commutes to all the courthouses throughout Southern California.  She likes memoirs, cozy mysteries, and middle grade.  She mostly writes middle grade, but she has one stray non-middle grade manuscript that insisted she write it. 

Way back in the 20th century, Dena lived with her husband, four children, and a dog.  Currently, she still lives with the same long-suffering husband, the two children who haven't wised up and left home yet, quite a few tropical fish, and one aquatic turtle.  She blogs and tweets about interesting and/or humorous legal and military topics.

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