See which literary rockstars are coming up on Operation Awesome and read past interviews or guest blogs you may have missed!

9/03/10: The Geniuses of WriteOnCon: Elana Johnson

9/10/10: The Geniuses of WriteOnCon: Casey McCormick

9/17/10: The Geniuses of WriteOnCon: Shannon Messenger

9/24/10: The Geniuses of WriteOnCon: Jen Stayrook

10/08/10: The Geniuses of WriteOnCon: Jamie Harrington

10/15/10: The Geniuses of WriteOnCon: Lisa and Laura Roecker

10/22/10: Mystery Agent SUCCESS STORY with Nancy Herman: When Opportunity Knocks, Be Ready with Your One-Sentence Pitch

10/28/10: Awesome Query Chat with the Query Ninja herself, Elana Johnson, author of POSSESSION and SURRENDER

10/29/10: What Makes Fantasy Awesome by Janice Hardy, author of THE SHIFTER and BLUE FIRE

11/05/10: Junior High For Web Pages - Get it Over With by Randy Tayler, comedian, writer, and web master

11/08/10: What Makes Romance Awesome by Roni Loren of FICTION GROUPIE, repped by Sara Megibow

11/12/10: Editors, Bloggers, and Agents Are People Too by Cortnee Howard, chief editor of The Best Damn Creative Blog

11/15/10: Awesome Writers Persevere by Laura Diamond, aspiring YA author/blogger/contributor of SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING BLOG

11/19/10: Angela Ackerman interview, of The Bookshelf Muse

11/20/10: Christy Evers' interview about CRITTER

11/21/10: Why Writing Both Fiction and Non-fiction is Awesome by Christine Fonseca

11/26/10: Riley Carney interview, teen writer, literacy philathropist and literary twitter icon

12/19/10: Leah Clifford, author of A TOUCH MORTAL, Live Question and Answer

1/06/11: Sliding Down the Longest Chute by Norma Johnson-MacGregor

1/14/11: Paul McCartney, Prancing Poodles, and Girls Who Play Football: Miranda Kenneally in a blogshell- Interview plus Q&A with author of SCORE.

1/26/11: Interview with Beth Revis, New York Times Bestselling Author of ACROSS THE UNIVERSE

1/28/11: Authoress: Demystified (sort of)

3/24/11: Top Ten Tips for Awesome Stories by David Baboulene, author of The Story Book

4/15/11: Mystery Agent SUCCESS STORY: The Amazing Max Gladstone (got agent, sold books to TOR)

5/13/11: Lindsey Leavitt interview, author of the PRINCESS FOR HIRE series and SEAN GRISWOLD'S HEAD

5/25/11: Jessica Bell Talks Self-Publishing

6/06/11: Top Ten Reasons Why YA is Awesome by YA Highway's Kate Hart

7/05/11: Self-Publishing: Our Very Own Angela Townsend

11/23/11: Before, During, and After the Agent by Charlotte Bennardo, Natalie Zaman, and their fabulous agent, Natalie Lakosil

2/13/12: Interview with Jill Hathaway, YA Author of SLIDE

5/13/12: Kurtis Scaletta on the Difference between MG and Chapter Books

5/20/12: R.H. Russell on Her Two-Book Deal and Self-Published Series

6/09/12: Charlotte Bennardo & Natalie Zaman, Authors of the SIRENZ series!

9/14/12: Kai Strand: Writer in the Middle: Writing for Middle Grade

9/20/12: Interview with Breaking Glass Author Lisa Amowitz

10/28/12: Dionna L. Mann on POV in Description

11/13/12: Guest review by Kira Shaff of DEADWOOD by Kell Andrews

12/03/12: Laura Pauling on her MG fantasy/adventure, How to Survive Ancient Spells and Crazy Kings