Friday, August 27, 2010

Tease Me Awesome.

The rain fell as six writers, in various stages of the publishing journey, sat alone at their laptops.

As it often happens in these tales, one met another. In another corner of the blogosphere another two met...and another. You know how these things snowball.

They decided to join forces and form a crit family. To become Operation Awesome.

But it wasn't enough for them. They wanted to give back.

To share knowledge, a love of words, books and baked goods (okay, that may just be me) around the writing community.

They decided to create another family...a blog family.

They'd love it if you'd join them.


  1. hi! im lenny and im just a beginner writer. i love writing stories. im learning a lot from being on blogs with lots of real good writers. i hope i could learn more from you guys. im already a follower for miss lindsay and shes one for me. the baked goods sound pretty good for sure! ha ha.
    ...smiles from lenny

  2. Lenny! Congratulations on leaving the first comment on the Operation Awesome blog! You've won a super cool journaling notebook! Please send your shipping address to Lindsay at OperationAwesome6 (at) gmail (dot) com.

    We're very excited to have you here!

  3. Stephanie, the second commenter gets nothing. Sorry. :-)

    But we're very glad you're here, too! And there WILL be contests to come. Thanks for coming!

    (Hint: if you write MG or YA, sharpen your one-line pitches for Sept. 1st)

  4. looks like fun. i love all your bios (though i notice ONE is missing....). i posted the button. hope you get lots of visitors.

  5. Looks like it's going to be fun!! :)

  6. Awesome contest! I hope you have an awesome following.

  7. Awesome blog! I'm looking forward to reading much, much more in the future! :D

    And if you choose to accept it, I'd love to give you One Lovely Blog award!


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