Friday, August 27, 2010

Teaser Mission: Spread the Awesome.

Here is your mission, if you so accept:

Spread the AWESOME!

How is one to spread awesome? Well, I'm glad you asked. You can place one of these handy dandy buttons on your website or blog. Yes, that's right. You too can be a part of our awesome-ness by sharing it with your friends. You don't want to miss what is coming up. Nope. And your friends will be annoyed with you if you don't let them in on the upcoming news.

On September 1st, the awesome will explode with a bang.
(Hint: Have your pitch ready for our awesome guest.)

Copy the code and paste it to your favorite spot, and then you can share the awesome. You even get a choice of two.


  1. Okay, first, you have to be awesome, you have OWLS on your blog! =)

    Second, this sounds so exciting! I'm adding the button to my blog right now! (And it will match my background *so* well!)

    Can't wait to see what September 1st brings =)

  2. The fact that you have "coffee" in your screen names makes you awesome already!! And yes, owls are pretty cool.

    Glad you can join us!!

  3. Thanks, Kristal! I'm wondering though, I've tried to "follow" twice and still don't see that I am... I wonder why?

  4. Humm... Not sure why. Refresh the screen first, perhaps?

  5. Jessica, it looks awesome! I just about died of awww! when I saw how perfectly the OA blog button matches your owly blog decor!

  6. Count me in!!! I'll be adding it to my sidebar shortly!!


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