Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Van Der Queries

It has been a while since I did a GIF post (see here and here). I've got some awesome GIFs I'm preparing for some future posts, but today (due to the evil of having a horrible cold) I'm revisiting the Gif glory that is the Van Der faces of queries.

You get an email from an agent you queried:

It's a form rejection:

It's a partial request:
It's a full request:

The wait is over. An email from the awesome agent lands in your e-mail. 

The form rejection:


The personalised rejection:

The "I'm not quite in love with this as much as I wanted to be, but send me your next project" face:
There's the "Can we arrange a time to talk" face:

And the "I'd love to offer you representation" face: 


Any faces I've missed?


  1. I love this! I don't know anything about doing GIFs (that's for later), but this set is spot on and made me laugh - thanks! Hope you get past your cold quickly.

  2. Love it! My fave Van Der-face is the crying one.

  3. Love that there's a Jamesvandermemes site! Feel better soon, Lindsay!

  4. Thank you for the epic laughs of epicness. :D

  5. LOL. Nice.

    What about the "it has been 6 months and the agent still hasn't replied to the query" face?

  6. I need those last two faces any time now please. :)


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