Thursday, November 27, 2014

December Mystery Agent Raffle Winners!

Here are the lucky people who are entered in our contest for December. If you are on the list, please
email us at OperationAwesome6 (at) gmail (dot) com with your Name, Query Letter, and first page, since our raffelcoper didn't collect everyone's information. Also let us know if you want to be excluded from our open critique forum.

Thanks for everyone's participation. Good luck and have a great Thanksgiving.

Kathleen S. Allen

Denise Drespling

Judy McSweeney

Kristin Hanson Reynolds


Jennifer Kay

Kate Shaw

Jessica Redman

Susan Berk Koch

Jennifer L. Hawes

Jamie Zakian

Megan E. Freeman

Kari Beutler Mahara

Stephanie Cardel

Lara Ursin Cummings



Kristen Adams

Rachel Cardel

Melanie Burt Stanford

Sheralan Marrott

Alison Whipp

JB Rockwell

Laurie Dennison

Patricia Moussatche

Angela Thomas


Stella M. Michel

Marty Mayberry

Colleen Bennett

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