Monday, March 14, 2016

Pass Or Pages MARCH Entry Form!

We are now accepting entries for March's PASS OR PAGES contest! Check out the full rules and list of participating agents HERE! Remember, this month's contest is ONLY for authors of contemporary YA novels! Contemporary novels have no speculative, sci-fi, or fantasy elements; they deal with the struggles faced by people in our time (or close to it; Eleanor & Park is contemporary YA even though it is set in the 80s).
The entry window is closed! Many thanks to all who entered and participated!


  1. Hi,

    I have a question. If in the first 250 words (past tense) you have character's thoughts (present tense) written in italics, how do you convey them? When I pasted the 250 words, the italics didn't transfer from Word.

  2. Italics can be signified by putting < i> and < /i> around the parts you want italicized (without the spaces between the bracket and the i or /).

    1. Thank you! Unfortunately I already submitted the text.


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