Friday, November 11, 2016

Flash Fiction Contest #22

Thanksgiving is coming up and what better way to celebrate than with pie? And in case the asterisk is a little hard to read, it states: Entry must contain a made-up pie name (make us wish it were real!) and the word 'taste-buds'.

So give us the best fictional pie to have ever crossed our taste- buds!

Rules for the contest can be found here.
Winner will be announced Sunday around noon.


ikmar said...

"Pie!" said Angie. "I want pie!"

"Fine. Fine." I said. If she wanted a stupid birthday pie, I'd get her a stupid pie.

"Cherry," she said. "I want cherry."

"But it's out of season. Can't I get--"

"Cherry," Angie insisted. "With chocolate sprinkles."

"On cherry pie?"

She crossed her arms. “Don’t you make fun of Sprinkle-berry pie."

I shook my head. "Okay, sprinkles. Anything else?"

"Whipping cream. Oh, and pickles. I'm craving pickles."

I sighed. "You'll find your taste-buds again after the kid is born, right? Right?"

Leandra Wallace said...

Ha! Great ending there. And I could totally get behind a sprinkle pie...sans the pickles. ;)

lacrow1040 said...

My brother, Jack, wants to dress like a clown for Thanksgiving.

He’s an idiot.

“You’ll get Mom’s Bourbon Apple Peach Pie in the face,” I say.

He laughs.

That morning I roast the turkey while classic 80’s songs drift through the house. The place smells of cinnamon and nutmeg. My taste-buds practically faint.

The doorbell rings, family arrives. My heart races.

Another knock.

Oh no, I groan internally.

A clown stares back with empty eyes, steps inside. I wince.

Awkward pause. Minutes pass.

The door opens again. Jack comes in, confusion on his face.

My jaws drops.

The clown smiles.

Laura L. Zimmerman @lauralzimm

Leandra Wallace said...

Yikes, I think that Thanksgiving is going to end in some yellow police tape! (actually, I imagine that Jack tackles the clown and takes him down, and everyone lives to enjoy a turkey leg, lol!)

ikmar said...

Wonderfully creepy :)

lacrow1040 said...

Lol! I agree!! Thanks! :)