Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Reading Roundup!

Here's what I've been reading lately:

 I have been dying to read this book for months, and I loved it! Great voice, great characters. Definitely lives up to the hype.
I couldn't believe this book wasn't written by a teenager--each voice was so perfectly TEEN. Hats off to the author for capturing that. If you've read it and want to talk about the ending, hit me up on Twitter because I have all kinds of spoiler-y thoughts!
 This felt like a book and an extended epilogue. Two very complex premises packed into one book! But overall, I'd say worth the read.
 I'm hooked on P.D. James now, so thanks whoever told me to read this one. Might have been a writing craft book...
 See? Hooked on P.D. James! You can watch this one on Netflix, too.
And apparently I was on a Jane Austen kick. This one has time travel, with future travelers trying to blend in with the past. That's my kryptonite right there.

 Just as voice-filled and hilarious as the first in the series. Why are you still reading this blog post? Go read the Dahlia Moss books!
 So cute. I loved the premise of copying K dramas to find romance. And Maurene Goo even included a list of recommended K dramas! I might have to get into them now. Hopefully they have subtitles.
A retelling of Cinderella that will have my geeky heart forever. I loved this book.

Great historical fiction for kids. This was exactly the kind of book I loved reading in elementary school.

What have you read and enjoyed lately?


  1. Nice eclectic mix there. I've read a couple of PD James, should read more. Lately I've been enjoying Christine Rains' Totem series.

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