Friday, October 12, 2018


It's that time again, everybody! Enter here for a chance to win a query critique by yours truly! Here's how to participate:

1. Comment on this post and at least one other post from this week by *SUNDAY 10/14 at 12 pm*.

2. Leave your email address in the comment or have it available on your Blogger profile. (Or else I can't find you!)

The winner will be announced in the comment section of this post on Sunday.

See this post for additional rules. Good luck!



  1. chân đèn

  2. Thanks for this awesome author spotlight! I found it very insightful, especially since I'm also writing about a MC who experiences 'supernatural phenomenon.'

  3. Thank you, Jean, for providing me with a way to contact you! Expect an email from Operation Awesome today. Sorry for the delay!


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