Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Kindle Challenge

Reading Goals Chart with Editable Pages. by AMC | TpT 

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It was a wonderful surprise to open my email from Amazon with a Kindle Challenge. My goal is to read 35 books in 2021 and track my progress on Goodreads. So far I have finished one electronic book from the library. I am intrigued with the Kindle Challenge quests. It reminds me of earning badges during National Novel Writing Month.


My Badges are as follows:

Bronze Reader: Read 7 days in January

Silver Reader: Read 15 days in January

Gold Reader: Read 30 days in January

Goal Setter: Create a reading goal for 2021

Easy on the Eyes: Register a Kindle E-reader device

I’m a Fan!: Follow an author

Book-in-Hand: Purchase any Kindle eBook from Amazon

Kindle Unlimited Reader: Borrow any title from Kindle Unlimited

Series Starter: Start reading any series title

Quitters Day: Read on January 19th, the day most people quit on their New Year’s resolutions

Finisher: Complete any Kindle eBook in January

Overachiever: Earn all available badges in Kindle Challenge

I shall give an update in February of my progress. What are your reading goals for January 2021?



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