Monday, May 10, 2021

We need your help for OA Recommends!

Today would normally be our "OA Recommends" day, our new monthly feature when we introduce our blog readers to a website which we find useful for writers.  We're a little late for May and hope to have the post ready next week.  Instead, today we'd like to ask YOU, our faithful blog readers, which websites you've found helpful, inspirational, educational, or any other relevant term, for your growth as a writer.  If you know of any sites you'd like to recommend, please let us know in the comments.  You might see your favorite site featured in a future month!


  1. I'd love for you to feature Literary Rambles, my blog, sometime. And Fiction University by Janice Hardy and Helping Writers Become Authors by K.M. Weiland both offer excellent writing advice.

    1. We do have some crossover with our debut authors, which is great because debut authors need all the help they can get. <3

  2. Here are a few writing blogs I've found helpful:,,



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