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Spotlight on New Book Debut Author Alda P. Dobbs

Operation Awesome Spotlight #20Questions in #2021 of #NewBook Debut Author posted by @JLenniDorner of @OpAwesome6

Barefoot Dreams of Petra Luna by Alda P. Dobbs

1- How would you suggest parents and children prepare for in-person schooling this year considering the pandemic?

It’ll be an interesting time, especially when so many kids have been doing virtual school for a while. One way to prepare is to start the school year with optimism. Get the kids excited about seeing their friends and along with the opportunity to meet new teacher(s).

2- Would you please, in 160 characters or less, give a #WriteTip ?

A biologist dissects a specimen to learn more about it. Do the same with your favorite books. Dissect each scene, paragraph, & sentence. Read it aloud too.

3- What most motivates you to read a new book?

Its first line! If it’s great, it’s an invitation to step into the story.

4- What is the best way to connect children with different cultures?

Highlight the uniqueness of the culture being introduced, and then find the common ground or common origins in the child’s own culture with the one being introduced.

5- Would you share a picture with us of your book with some local food and drink from your area?
#NewBook #DebutAuthor #2021Books Spotlight on New Book Debut Author Alda P. Dobbs

6- Does it seem that many young children know about the Mexican Revolution before reading your book?

The Mexican Revolution was never discussed while I was in school here in Texas despite its historical impact on the state. I learned about the conflict through family stories. My guess would be that most young readers don’t know much about it.

7- What is your favorite book to movie adaptation?

I thoroughly enjoyed Stephen King’s Misery and the Green Mile.

8- Do you have a favorite #bookstagram image or account/ profile?


9- Are you a Plotter, Pantser, or Plantser, and how did you adopt that style?

Definitely a Plotter! With my background in engineering, I enjoy having a “plan” in hand. I like to know the end when I start a story. The end may change but knowing one gives me direction.

10- What does your basic writing schedule look like, and how often do you write?

It varies from time to time. If I have a pending deadline, I write more. If my kids are in school, I like to write at that time, but sometimes I don’t have a choice but to write during their piano lessons or soccer practice.

11- What is your favorite book by someone else and what do you love most about that book? #FridayReads book recommendation time!

Author name: Lea Aschkenas
Title: ES CUBA
Love because: I’ve always wanted to travel to Cuba and this book, with its lyrical language and amazing imagery, allows me to vicariously take a trip there and live the experience.

12- What emotions do you hope your book will evoke for the reader?

Empathy. This emotion allows us to understand that these adversities and events are not unique to a group of people or a period. They transcend time and cultures. Empathy will help us understand as it’s happening in our world today and help us figure out a solution.

13- What kind of impact do you hope your book will have?

I want young readers to know they too have the power and determination to be a leader like Petra Luna. Sometimes we adults don’t give children enough credit, yet they’re capable of so much if given the space and confidence to grow and figure things out on their own.

14- What is your favorite creative non-writing activity to do?

I like to go for walks, take long showers, or snooze! All these get the creative juices flowing!

15- In what ways are the main characters in your book diverse? #WeNeedDiverseBooks

My book tells a story that mainstream America is not familiar with while highlighting the voice of a young, poor, Mexican girl – a perspective rarely heard.

16- What method do you feel is the best way to get book reviews?

I advise attending conferences and developing a network with book lovers and other authors. Social media is also a great place to find reviewers.

17- What was the deciding factor in your publication route?

I wanted the editorial and marketing support provided by traditional publishing. It was a long (VERY long) journey with lots of blood, sweat, and tears but well worth the effort. Not to mention that I’m also very, very hardheaded.
Sourcebooks is an independent book publisher outside of Chicago that publishes a multitude of topics with the belief that books change lives.

18- What's the biggest writing goal you hope to accomplish in your lifetime?

That’s a good one! I hope to tell the story of every character that’s inside me anxious to get out.

19- Would you please ask our audience a question to answer in the comments?

Can you please share with me your favorite family story?

20- Anything else you would care to share about your book and yourself?

My book was inspired by the experiences my great-grandmother endured during the Mexican Revolution and as a refugee in the United States. There are so many rich stories in our past and it’s our duty to seek them and pass them on before they’re lost forever.

Barefoot Dreams of Petra Luna by Alda P. Dobbs

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