Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Suzanna's Writing and Reading Goals for 2023: October Update


It is that time of year where I update my goals and begin thinking about my goals for next year. 

Here are my writing goals for 2023:

  1. Write 100,000 words in 30 days as part of a NaNo project (Camp in April, Camp in July, or NaNo in November)
    1. The plan is in motion. I have my word tracker and two projects planned so I can reach 100K.
  2. Write at least one children's book in each category (board book, concept book, early reader, wordless, transition books, narrative nonfiction, etc.)  
    1. Will move to 2024.
  3. Write at least one new short story.
    1. Been thinking about one. Need to find the first paragraphs of a draft.
  4. Edit at least one short story from my undergrad days.
    1. Still sorting papers.
  5. Write at least one new poem each week.
    1. I've written some poems but not where I'd like to be with this one.
  6. Put together a poetry collection.
    1. Still a dream at this stage.
  7. Work on the draft for writing a nonfiction book about the day job.
    1. One of my NaNo projects!
  8. Work on the draft of the graphic novel.
    1. Second of my NaNo projects!

Of course as a writer, I also need to read.
  1. Read at least 10 children's books in each category (board book, concept book, early reader, wordless, transition books, narrative nonfiction, etc.) and focus on one category each month and then rotate. (72 read of 60 children's books)
  2. Read at least one book of short stories each month. (2 read of 12 short story collections)
  3. Read at least one book of poetry each month. (5 read of 12 poetry books)
  4. Read at least one literary magazine each month. (2 read of 12 literary magazines)
  5. Read at least one nonfiction book regarding the day job each month. (15 read of 12 nonfiction books)
  6. Read at least one graphic novel each month. (17 read of 12 graphic novels)
  7. Read a total of 150 books in 2023. (203 read of 150 books)
  8. Participate in every Kindle Reading Challenge this year and get at least 90% of the badges. (The hardest one for me is the perfect month where you read every day in the month.)
    1. I have earned 100% of the achievements for all of the 3 completed challenges: the New Year Kindle Challenge (January to March), Kindle Spring Challenge (April to June), and Kindle Summer Challenge (July to September). I have 9 of 15 achievements for the Year End Kindle Challenge as of October 31.
Reflection so far on this year's goals. I'm shocked at how much I have read. I finally got bit by the audiobooks bug, so I have been invested in reading more than on Kindle or paper copies. Do you have a favorite audiobook?

I have, sadly, reached more of my reading goals this year than my writing goals. I'm still sorting my art studio space, and I'm hoping to organize my books and set aside what I'd like to read each month. Here's to hoping to a productive NaNo in November and some creative time in December.

What are some of your writing and reading goals for 2023? What are you going to do with the last quarter of 2023? How are you preparing for NaNo?

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