Tuesday, April 19, 2011

When Life Gives You a Plate Full of Crazy.

So the month of April always seems to be extra busy for me most years. Being a mom of school-aged children, April always seems to be packed to the brim with extra activities. Extra dance practices and recital. School Field Trips. Band Concerts. Dentist Appointments. Piano recitals. And many many others. So I'm finding it difficult to get my writing and editing done as well as I normally do.

Using a notebook and sneaking in some writing when I'm out and about seems to be about one of the only ways I've been able to fit that in.

What are your writing secrets when life gives you a plate full of crazy?


  1. I have one in school (and gymnastics and 4H) and one not yet in school (but in dance and play dates)and a husband who just started a new company (and needs a secretary *sigh*) so I've got a full plate of crazy too.

    unfortunately, I don't have any secrets. just thought I'd share in your pain. Lol!

  2. My writing secret is all-nighters. Sometimes it's the only way I can fit editing and writing into my toddler-filled days. We're doing what we love, but it ain't easy!

  3. Yep, I tend to do all-nighters as well. And bringing a notebook along helps as well :)

  4. Really enjoyed your post. We don't have kids around but there's always something...I mute the phone, ignore the doorbell, and slink alway to this computer. I feel like a character sometimes in a mystery, LOL.

  5. the last few months have been loaded with crazy and it's not going to let up. i'm trying to cram writing into every spare nook and cranny i can find.


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