Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Begin Your Journey.

"The scariest moment is always just before you start. After that, things can only get better." 

There's nothing scarier than the blank page. It's an ocean of white, waiting for the words to spread their tentacles of ink across its surface. 

It's also a canvas of possibilities. A vast nothing where an entire world of discovery waits.

All we have to do is start. 

Don't worry about the perfect opening sentence. Don't sit and ponder if the adverb should be there or not. Just Write.

Words are like clay. We can mould them to be whatever we choose. If we don't like what we've created, we can always start again. 

But starting is the key.

A blank page will always be a blank page. 

Until you begin your journey with two words -- Chapter One.

How do you like to begin a new WIP? 


  1. With words. Hopefully good words that when strung together make a great sentence. :D

  2. Love that quote by steven king. Actually, i've never been scared by a blank page. I'm more frightened by a full novel that needs revision

  3. Sometimes I skip to the part I can't wait to write, and leave brackets of [Some stuff happens to the chatacters that gets them to X point]

    That usually puts me in a good mood to go back and fill in the beginning.

  4. Sarah, I'm with you. A full novel that needs revision scares me the most.

    But starting can be daunting, especially if I don't give myself permission to make mistakes, like Lindsay said. Ignore the adverb. Write the story. :)

  5. I start at the point that's the most vivid in my mind. That way, I don't paralyze myself with the beginning.


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