Friday, August 3, 2012

Exciting Shiny Links Today!

As we come off the high of another awesome Mystery Agent contest and *patiently* await the results, what could be a better distraction than a shiny links post?

Shiny links...

Excerpt: KT Hanna: The Domino Project - Chameleon is a YA science fiction novel about a young girl, trained to be a weapon by a mentor with a mission of his own - with the help of an alien-human hybrid android who's more human than he has any right to be.
  • Our own Kristal Shaff's The Emissary is mentioned in a great Publisher's Weekly piece about the up-and-coming house, Month9Books!
Excerpt: [Georgia] McBride (founder of Month9Books) has developed a reputation in the YA community through, a non-profit organization she founded in 2009 to promote young adult literature worldwide.

Excerpt: Gretchen McNeil's POSSESS, in which a teen exorcist must find a way to stop the wave of demonic possessions sweeping her town, to Sebastian Aloi's La Lune Entertainment and Carly Norris, by Holly Frederick at Curtis Brown.

Excerpt: The amazing cover artist, Shawna Tenney, captured the characters and scene perfectly -- just as I pictured it but a thousand times more vivid.

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Happy weekend!

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