Thursday, August 30, 2012

Heads Up! September Mystery Agent Contest Coming!!


Saturday is September 1st and you know what that means! Contest Time!!!

This time, we will be doing Tweet Pitches. That means 140 characters - no more than 140 characters - 140 characters only :) We will be checking this so please please please make sure your entry is ONLY 140 CHARACTERS. 

Not to harp on it too much but we hate to disqualify entries that are just a few characters over, so plug those pitches into Twitter to quadruple check the character length :)

As usual, the contest will go live at 10 EST/9 CST/8 MST/7 PST and will close when we've reached 50 entries. The spots have been filling up quick, but if you don't get in, no worries! There will be plenty more opportunities.


  • Pitches should be for completed manuscripts only.
  • You can enter one pitch for one novel - if you make a mistake, just delete your entry and repost.
  • Yes, you are eligible to enter even if you've won MA contests in the past.
  • The first 50 qualifying pitches will be accepted - don't pay attention to the comment numbers. We will close the contest when we've reached our limit.
  • If the rules (which will be posted on Sept 1st) are not followed, your pitch will be disqualified. Please carefully read the guidelines and follow them.
  • Pitches should be tweet pitches - 140 characters
  • The contest will go live at 10 am ET/9 CT / 8 MT/ 7 PT on SEPTEMBER 1st
Again, please don't enter the September Mystery Agent contest via this post. Our M.A contests can be entered via a post that goes live the day of the contest (1st of each month). Thank you.

See you on Sept 1st!

(Note: We are double checking on the genres - as far as we know as of right now, MG, YA, and adult fiction with a special interest in romance. We will update if we get new info)


  1. Sounds great! What genre is the MA interested in?

  2. Should we start the betting pool now on when it will close? Do I have a 10 min, 15 min, 20 min?

  3. Okay, I must be the only girl on the planet without twitter (or facebook or an ipod or iphone or ipad). In a few years time when I get some cash flow, I'll be ready :)

  4. Hey, Anonymous, you can also use this to count your characters--they only need to be 140 characters long, you don't actually have to tweet them

  5. Anon: You don't have to own a smart phone to use twitter. If you have a computer at all (which I assume you do given you are posting) you can log in to twitter. :)

    I'm excited this mystery agent leans toward romance.

  6. Tough but cool contest! Do spaces count as characters?

    1. Answered my own question; according to Twitter, yes, they do.


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