Saturday, July 6, 2013

Bad Habits and Postive Thinking

 I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of bad habits. I stay up way to late at night. I sit in a recliner instead of at my desk and I drink way to much coffee (with cream) than I should. I’m driven, I’m obsessive and I’m a perfectionist. Out of all the bad habits I have, the single worst—is being too hard on myself.
I struggle everyday to stay positive. To guard my mind from negative thoughts. Staying positive isn't easy. Writing is hard work. Writing is stressful. Writing is depressing at times. 

But no matter what—I do not let the industry get me down and you shouldn’t either. 

Writing is a subjective art. What one editor or agent doesn’t like maybe another one will. Try to give yourself a break. Do not take rejections personally and do not let them stop you from moving forward with a fabulous new project.

Remember to always give yourself a break. Have patience and hone in your skills. Do the best you possibly can and then pat yourself on the back for job well done. 

Have a wonderful Holiday weekend everyone!

P.S.~~My audiobook is finally out!!!


  1. Chumbawumba's Tubthumping (that "I get knocked down but I get up again" song) became my theme song during my cancer treatments--sounds like you could use a listen/dance session too!

    And your audio book rates more than a P.S.! YAY FOR AMAROK AUDIO!

  2. It sure is Rachel :) But if you go on a treasure hunt everyday you'll find something precious about each day and it helps. :)


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