Saturday, July 20, 2013


Maybe it’s my anthropology background, or my fondness for historywhatever the case may be, I love to research ancient cultures and prehistoric times. Some of my favorite eras are the Ice Age, Precambrian, and Jurassic. I am also a huge fan of Palaeobotany—I can only imagine what cool giant foliage thrived in the age of the dinosaurs and beyond! 
When I’m not busy researching and reading about prehistoric times, I like to learn about ancient dwellings. I am fascinated by the creativity in the construction of primitive shelters, whether it’s a cave, an overhanging mossy rock slab or a tent made of bones, or hides. Isn't it amazing how thousands of years can pass and archeologists are still finding messages from early man hidden in stone recesses or painted on ceilings yet to be discovered?

Historical research sets my imagination ablaze, gives me new ideas in my creative writing and fills me with inspiration and hope for a fun new manuscript.
 What fuels the creative flame within you?

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