Friday, July 5, 2013

COVER LOVE: Daughter of Chaos by Jen McConnel

I've been enjoying my status as a peon in children's publishing for nearly half a year now. I work for Month9Books as an editorial assistant. Month9Books is a fantastic publisher and we see eye to eye when it comes to good fiction. Case in point: Daughter of Chaos by Jen McConnel. This is the first book I read for them that will be published, and the date is set for March 2014. It seems SO far away, so I am thrilled to share this crucial step on the road to publication: the cover reveal! I found it here, and here and here and here and here and here and here on Jen McConnel's author website. (Also the author is hosting a Rafflecopter giveaway of two other great books.)

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Witches must choose the path they will follow, and Darlena Agara is no exception. She’s been putting it off long enough, and in her case, ignoring it has not made it go away. In a moment of frustration, Darlena chooses to follow Red Magic, figuring she had outsmarted the powers that be, since there’s no such thing as Red Magic. But alas, Darlena’s wrong (again) and she becomes a newly declared Red Witch.
Her friends are shocked and her parents horrified by the choice Darlena has made. As a Red Witch, she now governs one third of the world’s chaos. She is the walking personification of pandemonium, turmoil, and bedlam, just as the patrons of Red Magic would have it to be.
But Darlena believes there must be more to Red Magic than chaos and destruction, and she sets out on a journey to achieve balance. Only doing so puts her at odds with the dark goddess Hecate, who simply will not allow Darlena to quit. She encourages Darlena to embrace who and what she is and to leave good magic to the good witches. If only Darlena could, life would be simple, and she would not be the Daughter of Chaos.

DAUGHTER OF CHAOS is the first in a YA paranormal trilogy.

I can't even tell you how fulfilling it is to see something I had a (very, very small) part in turn into a real out-there book. I have experienced it as a critique partner to the amazing Operation Awesome blogger/writers and it never gets old. I LOVE WORKING IN PUBLISHING!!

Jen McConnel is an experienced writer whose other books also have a creeptastic witchcraft motif and stunning book covers. Check them out:


Jen said...

Thanks so much for sharing my cover! I'm so excited you're looking forward to March...I can't wait! :)

Katrina L. Lantz said...

Thanks for stopping by, Jen! Congratulations!!!

Angela Townsend said...

Great post Katrina! Congrats and so proud of you with your new job at Month9Books!

Katrina L. Lantz said...

Thank you, Ang! I am very much enjoying it. :)