Thursday, August 15, 2013

August 2013 Mystery Agent Revealed!!

Our August Mystery Agent was......


Dr. Jamie Bodnar Drowley from Inklings Literary Agency!

Dr. Jamie Bodnar Drowley is a literary agent who comes to Inklings Literary Agency from Corvisiero Literary Agency.
Jamie has been selectively building her client list. She's an author and a long time critique member/editor, with a keen eye for detail.
In her other life she is an orthodontist, Air Force veteran, military spouse, mother of three, and animal lover.
In Adult, New Adult and Young Adult fiction Jamie is seeking fantasy, mystery, romance, paranormal, historical, contemporary, horror, light sci-fi and thrillers.
In MG she loves stories that make her laugh and are imaginative with a clear voice. She loves strong characters with distinct voices and unique story lines that stay with her long after she is finished reading.

And our Winners are!!

(Another Drumroll)

Grand winner- Full Request-
Pieces of Me

First runner up-First 50 pages
From Stacey with Love

2nd runner up-First 25 pages
Gideon and the Nightmare Demon

3rd runner up-First 25 pages
The First Drop

Honorable mention...10 pages
Nightfallen, An Absence of Light

WINNERS: Send query, synopsis and pages as attachments with Operation Mystery Agent Contest in the subject line to Operation Awesome HERE. We will forward to our mystery agent. 

We decided to find our more about Jamie. Here are her awesome answers:

1. Any tips for writers struggling with their pitches? Common mistakes you see in them?

Keep it simple. I want to know about the main character, their conflict and what is at stake. Don’t be elusive or vague. Tell me what happens in the story and what makes it unique.

2. What books have you read lately that you've fallen in love with (your clients' or others')?

Of course I love each of my clients' stories. Their stories all touched me and stayed with me for many reasons. I never get tired of re-reading Harry Potter. I loved The Mortal Instruments series, Eleanor and Park, and The Blessed Trilogy. I love all things Young and New Adult…

3. You participated in the Agentfest event at the Thrillerfest conference this year--what's that like on the agent's side of the table?

I love meeting authors and hearing about their stories. I understand the vulnerability and nervous jitters that comes with sharing your story. I tried to make each author comfortable and made sure that if anyone wanted to pitch, I was available. I think they may have shut the lights out on me at the end of the conference because I went past the scheduled time. ;-)

4. Any exciting agency news to share?

We have a several deals that are about to post, many new clients and some recent and upcoming releases. It has been an exciting year! Stay connected to the news on my twitter account @jbdrowley or my facebook page

Thanks to everyone who participated. And a special thanks to our mystery agent who made this month's contest so awesome!!


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Congratulations to the winners! :)

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Thanks, Operation Awesome and Jamie! Congrats to the winners!

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