Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Little Awesome Halloween Reading for You!

Happy Halloween!!! Need an awesome series to read on this fine Halloween night while you are handing out candy to all the Trick or Treaters? Check out Christine Fonseca's Requien series!! The last book in the series, Dominus, just release. Here's the deets!

Time for another fabulous release party. This time, for DOMINUS - the third and final installment in the Requiem series. Here's a little bit about the story:

Sometimes death is the only way to save a life.

Nesy knows who she is now, knows what she's lost. Determined to save Aydan from his fate, she confronts the only one she blames for everything - Azza. But how can she fight the devil when she is nothing more than human? The fate of Celestium, Infernum and humanity rests in Nesy's hands. Can she find the strength to confront demons she's never imagined, face fears she's never voiced, and release the one thing that has held her world together - her love for Aydan?

Some sacrifices should never be made...even for love.

Suggested Reading Order for the Requiem Series:

Dies Irae, A Requiem Novella about Mikayel and Azzaziel (included with Lacrimosa)
Mea Culpa, A Requiem Novella about Zanethios (Included with Libera Me)
LIBERA ME, Book #2 
Enigma, A Seer Novella about Lorelei, Tristan, and Ellie (Included with Libera Me)
DOMINUS, Book #3

What questions are you most wondering about with the series???


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