Friday, October 18, 2013

November Mystery Agent - Details!

Heads up, OA denizens! We've got a brand new Mystery Agent coming your way Friday, November 1st, and if you have a complete manuscript and a Tweet-length pitch at the ready, our MA would love to hear from you!

Specifically, here is what our MA is looking for:

- YA, NA, and Adult
-science fiction
-romance (YA and NA only)

Our MA is particularly interested in projects that are high-concept and those that explore self-identity and character growth.

This contest is open to newbies and veterans alike. Whether you've won a Mystery Agent contest or have never entered one before, our MA would love to hear from you.

So polish up those Tweet-length pitches - which, for the uninitiated, is 140-characters - and be ready! We will open the post at 10AM EST on November 1st, and close whenever we reach 50 entries.

We can't wait to see your pitches!


  1. Since we usually get questions, here's a link to the official contest rules from a previous contest (they usually go up with the actual contest post)
    Just make a note that the pitch length was different for that contest--November's agent is looking for Twitter-length pitches

  2. I have seen the phrase "high concept" around a few times now and am not sure what agents mean when they say they're looking for that, does anyone have any insight into that? Thanks very much.

    1. Hi Jen - I'll do my best to sum it up ;)

      High-concept basically means a story idea that can be pitched in one succinct, catchy premise. A (bad) example would be something like, "Alice in Wonderland in space." By contrast, a 'quiet' story that is hard to summarize because of all the character details and plot nuances is not high-concept.

      Does that makes sense?

    2. Yes, thank you. That does make sense. Ha, Alice in Wonderland IN SPACE might not be as bad as you think.

  3. I know our pitches have to be 'tweet length' but we still submit them on here right?

    1. Yeah we're supposed to put them in the comments box once the post goes live. = )


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