Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Places you'll Go...

I was visiting the library with my niece when we found this quote on a bookmark: 

The thing I love about the quote is that it is so true. Then I started thinking about what books do for children. My niece is five. She's been read to from an early age, so she loves all kinds of books (her current favourite is one about the Seasons and weather). I see her imagination and knowledge growing every day from the things she reads. It reminds me that reading not only takes us to new places, but also feeds our creativity. It inspires us. It helps furthers our knowledge and language skills. 

In the words of my niece:

"Books are very interesting. They're good to read because they can have learning in them. Sometimes they have good stories in them. I think it's magical in books!"

I have to agree. 

What kind of books inspired you as a child? What books do the little ones in your life enjoy? 


Angelica R. Jackson said...

This is a great reminder of why we write: so that someday, a reader will say our book is magical!

JeffO said...

I don't really have little ones in my life anymore, but we read to our kids all the time. Not surprisingly, both are avid readers now, and pretty good writers, too.