Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October MA Critique Forum

Welcome back to the Mystery Agent critique portion of our contest. The 16 entries (some didn't turn in their pitches and some opted out of the critique) will be open for your amazing feedback all week!

Our rules are simple:

Be helpful. 
Be relevant. 
Be kind. 

Thank you to all of you, and to all our amazing entrants! Happy critting!

Visit the entries in the tab under the OA blog banner: MA Critiques.

Just a little more info about the forum:

You DO NOT have to register to comment.
To comment on a pitch, just click Reply on the main post in the thread. It will bring up a comment box where you can enter your name and comment.
To return to the full list,click October 2014 Mystery Agent in the top left corner of the forum.

And once again, we'd love to know what you think about the new format. Let us know here in the comments. Any feedback would be awesome! Thanks!



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  2. It was difficult, at first, to keep track of which ones I had read and commented on, and which I still had to go.

    But then I registered.

    OMG! That improved everything. Using the Nabble page link made this so much easier to see, read, and comment. And NOW I'm in love with the new way.

  3. I'm new to Operation Awesome Secret Agent contests, and I'm thinking that I might give this a shot in the future, so I was hoping someone could educate me? Is there an announcement about which genres the agent is interested in seeing each month, or does everyone just submit everything and it's all random and that means some of the pitches just won't be right for the agent anyway? Thanks in advance for any info, guys!

    1. Hi Ishta! Welcome! Mid month we announce the next month's agent and their preferences, then we open up a rafflecopter lottery to select our people for the month to participate.


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