Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Fun: Three Writing Prompts for the Weekend

I wonder sometimes if other people's weekends are as unproductive as mine when it comes to writing. If you are like me and get busy with family and faith over the weekend, you may need something to draw you into writing like I sometimes do. That's what writing prompts are for!

I'll give you a couple to choose from. Pick a prompt, get your pen or keyboard, and get writing. Once you're in the groove, open up your WIP (work in progress) and keep going!

Prompt a)  A family is reunited in the posh conference room of a law office for the reading of their mother's last will and testament. Amid the expected inheritances, a few surprises emerge. Write what happens next.

Prompt b) Two missionary brothers travel to opposite sides of the world. One has been living in a renovated French palace, the other in a hut which has been burned to the ground by roving gangs at least once. When they return to their small town parish, the congregants ask them to tell their stories. A girl they have been vying for since boyhood is among them. Tell how they behave.

Prompt c) Seven strangers are thrown together in a Walgreens to shelter from a sudden monsoon. Two are running from the law, and one is a techie with a photographic memory who lives in his parents' guest house. Describe the actions and reactions of each stranger.

Happy Writing Weekend, All!

p.s.  In case you missed it, Angelica's book baby had a birthday. Check out the Crow's Rest bloghop.

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