Friday, May 22, 2015

Weekend Writing Prompts: a Defiled Cave, a Lab Monster, and the Biggest Library in the World

Welcome to another edition of Weekend Writing Prompts by Operation Awesome! *cheesy grin*
For more prompts, check out last week's first edition.

a) You enter a cave filled with graffiti. Chipped stalagtites hang everywhere like ragged shark teeth. An eerie drip is coming from somewhere, echoing through the main chamber. Several tunnels snake away from you. Brightly colored spray paint, still fresh, points an awkwardly drawn arrow down the tunnel to your left. How did you get here, and why don't you want to run away from this dark, eerie scene?

b) An elderly librarian sits in the biggest library in the world, surrounded by a mixture of the world's oldest, most ornate leather-bound books and a row of state-of-the-art touchscreen kiosks. The girl who just walked in holds an ancient key in one hand and a memory drive in her pocket. She is dripping wet with a determined, yet weary expression in her eyes. What are the first words out of her mouth? Will the librarian be inclined to help or stop her?

c) The lab on the forty-seventh floor leads out to a series of labyrinth offices, some covered in dust, others immaculate with the smell of hospital. In the main lab, a white-coated figure stands over a gurney. What lies on the gurney isn't strictly human. Nor is it any animal this doctor has ever seen. The sound it makes sends a resonant tingle from his toes to his neck. It's purring. The doctor is alone on a Sunday night, with only the rent-a-cop night guard downstairs for back-up. The lower floors serve as corporate offices, rented out to myriad companies. Nobody is crazy enough to be working except for him. Looking at the needle in his hand, the doctor gets the unsettling impulse to stab and run. What does he do instead? What special and unexpected skill does the night guard have that can help?

Happy writing this weekend!

Enjoy those finals, or the first days of summer, whichever!

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