Friday, May 29, 2015

Weekend Writing Prompts: Magic Stinky Carpet, Gossamer Curtain, The Question

a) The stinky carpet in your grandmother's hospice room has gone missing, and so has she. Where did they go?

b) The house at the end of the street lies empty, except for a single gossamer curtain that hangs from the very center of the dark and decaying room. Is anything hidden behind it? What does it represent to its discoverer, and what does it represent to the one who left it behind?

c) If you have to take one more exam, you'll scream. It's finals week and every teacher has surprised the class with a pop quiz. It's the last period of the day when someone taps your shoulder. You turn around and see that in your fog of tests, you failed to notice your long-time crush walk in and take the seat behind you. Now he wants to ask you something, you can see it in the slant of his perfectly oceanic eyes. What does he say? What impact does it have on this moment, the day, and the entire upcoming summer? How do the people around you react?

Happy Weekend Writing! If you use a prompt to get you kick-started this weekend, comment below. You can share your masterpiece or just nod if you'd rather keep it to yourself.

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