Monday, May 16, 2016

Query Kombat Submission Window is Open!

While we're waiting to see the results from this round of Pass Or Pages, I'm excited to dive into the slush pile for Query Kombat. I'll be helping Laura Heffernan sort through entries trying to find the best queries to duke it out in the tournament. And yes, I'll be tweeting hints and query tips as I read. Follow me @reynoldstribe so you don't miss out.

I promise to keep my tweets kind. I may tweet some "don't do this" suggestions, but they'll be aimed at helping people improve their letters, not making fun of people for their mistakes. The atmosphere of Query Kombat is supposed to be exciting and informative, and I'll do my best to contribute to the good vibes.

If you're thinking about entering, just do it! There's nothing to lose! And if you're following along and not entering, I hope you find something helpful anyway.

Good luck!

Remember, we are accepting applications for new bloggers until Friday the 20th! For details, see our announcement post.

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J Lenni Dorner said...

I threw my hat into that ring. We'll see what happens.