Friday, October 21, 2016

Flash Fiction Contest #21 (Halloween! Prizes!)

This #OAFlash fiction contest will be a bit different. Instead of a prompt that needs included, you're welcome to write anything you want-- as long as it's horror, and only three sentences. Or for those that are faint of heart (like me), you can just go for spooky and three sentences. ;)

Rules for the contest can be found here.
Winner will be announced Sunday around noon.



Besides the nifty owl badge that proclaims you a winner, you'll also be able to pick one of the Halloween graphics from below. And there'll be not just one winner, but two! I will be emailing them as a pdf file, so if your email is not located in your Blogger profile, please leave it with your entry below (or another method in which to notify you).


  1. Merrily we row along
    Three of us; two of us-
    Merrily I row along cannibalistically.

  2. The child spun around with a giggle. "That was fun, wasn't it Mommy?" she squealed, tossing the bloody knife into the air. Mommy couldn't answer.

    Twitter: @cryscrawford

  3. When I woke up, he was lying next to me.
    "Now you'll never run away from me again," he whispered.
    He was right: He had cut my legs off.

  4. I wake up to a low growl and a foul smell. Blood pumps loudly in my ears as I stumble towards the bathroom. Only one thing horrifies me more than the broken bodies on the floor: my reflection in the mirror.
    Twitter: @Fanni_Pumpkin

    1. Things in mirrors always freak me out in horror movies. Or should I say previews, as I don't actually watch horror movies. 😜

  5. I awoke in the darkness; suddenly, inexplicably.
    'Is anyone there?' I whispered.
    'No...' the bone-dry voice replied '...go back to sleep.'

  6. He traced her throat with his long nails. His cool breath made her shiver. "What lovely eyes, mind if I try them on?"


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