Thursday, November 30, 2017

Notes from NaNo: Week Five

Since I post here on Thursdays, I decided to use my November (aka NaNovember) posts to give all you NaNo writers some fun plot points, characters, and other to incorporate into your works-in-progress if you get stuck or fall into a writing slump. For Week Five (and the last day of NaNo!), find the ending associated with your horoscope sign* and use it, subvert it, or incorporate it elsewhere into your book!

Aries: Everyone becomes friends and they ride off into the sunset together.

Taurus: Your main character kills your antagonist, but not before your antagonist reveals their plot/intentions.

Gemini: Your main character and their love interest get married.

Cancer: Your main character gets an exciting job offer.

Leo: A cliffhanger. Any cliffhanger.

Virgo: Your antagonist changes their ways and decides to become a better person.

Libra: Your protagonist goes back to their former life, but with different interests/desires.

Scorpio: A major character dies, and it's arguably your protagonist's fault.

Sagittarius: Someone has a baby.

Capricorn: Someone almost dies, but is saved at the last moment.

Aquarius: Your main character decides to be alone for a while.

Pisces: A dragon eats both your protagonist and antagonist.

*Note: I have no training or expertise with astrology. This is purely for fun!

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