Thursday, November 9, 2017

Notes from NaNo: Week Two

Since I post here on Thursdays, I decided to use my November (aka NaNovember) posts to give all you NaNo writers some fun plot points, characters, and other to incorporate into your works-in-progress if you get stuck or fall into a writing slump. For Week Two, find the new character associated with your horoscope sign* and go to town!

Aries: A young child with a too-large backpack.

Taurus: An elderly couple who finish each others' sentences.

Gemini: A woman who's the president of her company.

Cancer: A middle-aged man with an unusual hobby.

Leo: A teenage boy with a talent he's often mocked for.

Virgo: A dog who has a favorite person.

Libra: A cat who's traveled the world.

Scorpio: A teenage girl who's planning to run away from home.

Sagittarius: A baby who learns to talk way too early.

Capricorn: A hamster that gets lost in the house.

Aquarius: A cranky old man with a secret.

Pisces: A four-year-old girl who changes the world.

*Note: I have no training or expertise with astrology. This is purely for fun!

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  1. *blink blink*
    I'm a Leo and you just described years of my life.


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