Thursday, November 2, 2017

Notes from NaNo: Week One

Since I post here on Thursdays, I decided to use my November (aka NaNovember) posts to give all you NaNo writers some fun plot points, characters, and other to incorporate into your works-in-progress if you get stuck or fall into a writing slump. For Week One, find the plot idea associated with your horoscope sign* and go to town!

Aries: A tall, dark, and handsome stranger arrives in town. When he removes his hat and coat, your main character realizes he's a [fill in the blank].

Taurus: Your main character cannot live without [fill in the blank]... until they have to.

Gemini: Your main character gets into a friendly, yet competitive, game of [fill in the blank] with your antagonist.

Cancer: No one understands your main character better than [fill in the blank], so when that person goes missing, your main character has to take action.

Leo: A fair/carnival/circus comes to town. Your main character goes, accompanied by [fill in the blank].

Virgo: Your antagonist always wanted to [fill in the blank], but couldn't make it happen. This explains a lot about their motivations.

Libra: Your main character looks up [fill in the blank] in the dictionary, and it guides their actions through the next several scenes.

Scorpio: Your main character finds an abandoned animal at the side of the road. So your main character [fill in the blank].

Sagittarius: One of your characters slips and falls. Your main character reacts by [fill in the blank].

Capricorn: Your antagonist has a soft spot. It's [fill in the blank].

Aquarius: Someone deeply insults your main character, saying [fill in the blank].

Pisces: Your main character falls ill. Their symptoms include [fill in the blank].

*Note: I have no training or expertise with astrology. This is purely for fun!

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  1. I'm on board for the carnival/circus idea, but I'm an Aquarius. Then maybe the insult to my character could be, "You belong in a circus." Then I could work in both ideas. Or how about just using them all.

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