Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Synergize is a fun word to say, and it's also the 6th Habit of Highly Successful Writers!

When you synergize, you bring a team's strengths to the table and achieve more than you could on your own. When we think of writing as a solitary pursuit, we miss out on opportunities to experience synergy in our creative process.

The ending of my (perpetual) WIP has changed at least five times. I have never quite been able to nail it. The last set of notes I got from my agent on this book were all fairly minor, except when we got to the ending. It was still not where it needed to be.

I consulted with a few of my CPs. My husband let me talk through the problems with him. I emailed my agent and got her input on a couple different ideas. Finally, I decided on an ending that worked for me and seemed like it would satisfy readers as well. Then I sat down to write it. It was like I was flying! The words just kept coming. Everything clicked, everything flowed. And I realized I was experiencing synergy in action. I used my team and their strengths and came up with something better than I could on my own.

Effective writers know when to bring others in to help them, and how to use everyone's strengths to get the best outcome. And when it works, it's glorious!

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