Monday, September 16, 2019

Do you know where your local indie bookseller is located?

Is there even ONE indie bookseller near you?
The Community Bookstore, Brooklyn, 2016
I visited, typed my zip code, and selected “within 10 miles”.  It came up with THREE bookstores within 10 miles of my home.  The first two are university bookstores.

That leaves one.  It's 8.1 miles from me, which isn't that far.  It specializes in mystery and suspense books.  Hours are Tuesday thru Saturday.  I don't write in that genre, but I do read it.  I think I'll visit in the next few weeks.

Expanding the search to 20 miles [I used the 50 mile selection and stopped reading when I reached stores 20 miles away] results in 22 bookstores.  In addition to the one 8.1 miles from me are the following:

One is open two days a week on weekends.
One is open four days a week.
Two are open six days a week.
One is open seven days a week.

The rest are university bookstores or online only.

Honestly, six brick-and-mortar bookstores within 20 miles of me was more than I expected in today's market.  Most indicate on their website that they specialize in a certain genre.  Apparently, a generalized bookstore is no longer available in my area.

Expanding out to 30 miles yields several more options, but I do live 30 miles from Los Angeles, so that's probably why.  The Last Bookstore looked particularly intriguing and HUGE,
altho driving to downtown Los Angeles to visit it is not something I'd like to do that often.  But wow it looks like a great bookstore.
Maybe I'll check it out the next time I go to the downtown courthouse.

Where is your local indie bookstore located?

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