Tuesday, February 25, 2020

March Pass or Pages Genre Reveal!

The genre for the March 2020 Pass or Pages is...

Adult Suspense/Thriller!

Here are the important dates for this round:

March 3rd: Agent panel announcement
March 9th to 13th: Entry window (via a form here on our blog)
March 23rd to 27th: Feedback reveals!

For a recap of the rules and links to previous rounds, click here. Stay tuned for our agent panel reveal next week!


  1. This will be interesting for me as a crime writer and reader. I'm interested in whether police procedural novels can ever be suspense/thrillers?

    1. Hi Roland!
      Depends on how you write it. If you believe your ms qualifies as suspense/thriller, then you can submit to Pass or Pages. If it's not, though, and it's selected for feedback, the comments you receive may not be relevant because it wasn't suspense/thriller.
      Good luck!


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