Sunday, March 15, 2020

A Month of Writing Motivation #AtoZchallenge #Theme

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A Month of Writing Motivation is the Operation Awesome theme for the 2020 A to Z Challenge. We'll bring you motivational posts, discuss the most motivating writing apps, look into writing motivation from reference books, some writing prompts, and even motivational pep talks.

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Here at Operation Awesome, we're dedicated to helping writers no matter where they are in the journey. That's why our team brings you great regular posts like:

  • Dear O'Abby - send your writing questions!
  • Debut Author Spotlight - hit up J when you're publishing your first book!
  • First Page Critique- know if you're on track!
  • Pass or Pages - enter your query letter and first page for a chance at an agent critique!
  • Structure
  • Tips on every stage of the journey
  • Flash Fiction contests
  • And so much more!!!
We hope you're MOTIVATED to drop by this April, and to stick with us the rest of the year as well.


  1. Great! I could use some writing motivation, I have some looming deadlines... Great theme :)

  2. Always a pleasure to see a writerly themed challenge. Great choice!

    The Old Shelter - Theme Reveal - Living the Twenties

  3. Always great to get more motivation. Can't wait to see what you have planned for us all.
    Tasha's Thinkings & Virginia's Parlour

  4. Ooh, I hope to find some motivation here this month!

  5. Motivation can be a challenge when writing. Looking forward to reading your posts. Weekends In Maine

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  7. I hope blogger is doing well. Google closed many of its products. Motivating writers/bloggers to do good is an important activity. Are any Google product managers in touch with A to Z team?
    My theme is a subject that I strongly promote against odds.
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  8. Great theme - I'm looking forward to your motivational mojo.

  9. Fantastic theme! Looking forward to receiving a motivation boost throughout April!


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